Should professional sports stadiums be funded with public money?

Should professional sports stadiums be funded with public money? Essay example
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Name Course Course Instructor Date Professional Sports Stadiums Should not Be Funded with Public Money Introduction The demand that the public funds the Minnesota baseball stadium for the hometown twins raised a lot of concern among the taxpayers. However, this is not a new phenomenon.


The reasons presented in support of such doings is that building of stadiums leads to increased employment opportunities, increased tax, and revenues hence boosting the local and the regional economies. Additionally, supporters of public funding argue that projects aimed at building stadiums encourage revitalization of cities that could be facing economic challenges. Proponents of public funding for stadiums argue that stadiums bring a sense of pride and add to the city’s prestige, which they claim to be important. As opposed to this believe, professional stadiums construction end up using more resources than the returns obtained. The projects results in unprecedented taxes in addition to usage of both municipal and county resource with little economic benefit in return. This paper argues that professional sports stadiums, which major sports leagues can easily afford to construct, should not be funded with public money as it affects taxpayers, brings them little real benefit, and takes away public money from more important projects. Irrespective of the owners of major leagues in the United States being extremely rich, they keep turning back to the government for funding whenever they want to build a stadium. ...
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