Alternative energy sources: costs and benefits

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Alternative Energy Resources Name University Alternative Energy Resources Individuals have become very dependant on energy since energy came into existence with the development of technology; this dependency is increasing and has taken the shape of necessity.


Muscle power was produced through the muscles of animals and humans; this power was used in harvesting and other areas where muscles were needed. All these energy sources required solar energy or sun light in order to be able produce. The importance of solar energy can be recognized through the period when this form of energy was used for the production of crops, growing trees, and other various agricultural purposes. The best part about these sources of energy was that they could easily be renewed as there was infinite amount of air, water, and sunlight. During the 1800s new ways of energy production were figured out: energy was produced through coal burning, and later in the 1900s the world started exploring the grounds for oil and fuel related resources (DeVito, 2000, p.51). By the 1950s the prior methods of producing energy of 1700s started losing their ground and were replaced with current methods in which fossil fuels were used to produce different sorts of energy (DeVito, 2000, p.51). Fossil fuels were produced with the aid of decayed remains of plants and animals. They are also being created in current world, but the rate at which these fuels are produced is slower than the rate at which these fuels are burnt. ...
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