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Bridge management systems are increasingly becoming popular as they provide an effective approach to maintain a country’s bridges. Saudi Arabia is currently experiencing massive infrastructural developments.


Hence, there is need for the development of a bridge management system in Saudi Arabia. This study provides a background on the infrastructural setting and bridges in Saudi Arabia. A detailed look at the preservation considerations is followed by inquiry into the improvement considerations available for the existing bridges in Saudi Arabia. The natural hazards that may impact bridge infrastructure in Saudi Arabia is then discussed, followed by a look at the policy considerations, project considerations, economic/non-economic considerations and prioritization to base decision support for the bridge management system proposed. Provisions for updating of the bridge management system are given before providing a summary of the study.
Saudi Arabia is an oil-dependent economy in the Arabian Peninsula with a $350 billion budget in infrastructure development as of the year 2007. The main infrastructural developmental goals for the country aim to transform it into a global industrial force. According to Business Week (2007), this transformation is to be supported by positioning the country as a regional transport and logistics hub. As a result, plans for the $5 billion budget Saudi Landbridge project connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf Coast to be constructed by a private consortium are underway. The consortium will have a 50 year operating rights on the bridge. ...
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