Fatigue design consideration in columns under wave cyclic loading.

Fatigue design consideration in columns under wave cyclic loading. Research Paper example
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Designing of structures, particularly, columns and beams are measures that require several factors to be kept in focus. One of the most important factors of these is the fatigue design considered for columns under cyclic wave loading.


Studies reveal that there are significant calculations and estimations that need to be considered to determine the effects of wave conditions on these structures. The present study focuses on these factors, and the types of fatigues that are possible. This would bring into light the necessity for experts to consider an extensive study on the structures, the materials employed and the conditions of the waves such that effective measures may be applied in the process of construction. Introduction: Considering the issue of cyclic wave loading, it is necessary to understand that both cyclic strains and residual strains or strains that are permanent in nature are developed when a sequence of cyclic loads affect the underground soil. The permanent or residual strains stay behind at the end of each cyclic load reflecting a growing effect that gets accumulated with the effects left by earlier storms. Greater attention has been provided to evaluations of peak cyclic displacements that occur along with a storm. However there are greater needs for studies on issues of permanent displacement. While considering these issues, it is also necessary to take into consideration the relationships among the properties of the soil, cyclic loading as well as well as the residual strains and the shear stress (Marr et al, 1981, pp.1129-1130). ...
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