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Engineering and Construction
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Engineering drawings Introduction Development of engineering drawings is the first and the foremost pre-requisite of any kind of engineering. Mechanical engineering requires mechanical drawings, electrical engineering is guided by electrical drawings, whereas civil engineering projects are executed following the construction drawings.


No engineering project can be executed unless the engineering drawings have been prepared and approved by the concerned engineers and/or architects. Engineering drawings depict what the element, project, or facility would look like once it is constructed even before the start of the project. Construction of engineering drawings requires comprehensive and up to date knowledge of the design and architectural concepts. In a vast majority of cases, engineering drawings have to be approved by both engineers and architects to ensure that the design is not only structurally safe but also aesthetically appealing and environment friendly. Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the most talented and renowned engineers and architects in the history of the world. Leonardo was a guru of the principles of mechanics. The equipments and systems he used included but were not limited to leverage and cantilevering, parallel linkage, cranks, pulleys, bearings, and lubrication systems. Leonardo had a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the principles of friction, aerofoil, momentum, and centripetal force and actually applies the principles into his inventions. Leonardo’s engineering contributions were numerous. ...
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