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Product Technology: Automotive Components Name: Course No: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: Date: Product Technology: Automotive Components An automobile is a product that utilizes many other parts. The most common materials that are utilized in a car manufacturing are steel, aluminium, plastic, ceramic, copper wires, electronic devices, rubber and paint.


However, steel is always considered as the most dominant material for manufacturing the car frames. The important factors that are considered in automobile manufacturing are the durability, sustainability and the economic value of the vehicle. Modern vehicles are made to save a lot of gas and give better performance as compared to the previous versions. However, luxury and comfort are not compromised. Utilizing the alternate, cheaper and durable materials will reduce the price of the car, give more efficiency and will have more life as compared to the older versions. Thus, there is need to think differently and utilize the materials that are more environment friendly. Automobile Frame An automobile frame is like a skeleton in human body. A stiffer frame lasts longer and, thus, the age of the vehicle depends on the material utilized in the vehicle frame, shape of the frame, etc. The largest weighted component that a frame is to hold is the engine of the vehicle. Thus, the engine compartment should be cared a lot in the frame manufacturing stage. Design Parameters The design parameters of an automobile frame are the size of the vehicle. The major design frames parameters of an automobile frame are size of the vehicle, design of the vehicle, purpose of the automobile, safety and efficiency of the vehicle. ...
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