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Beam Theory Name: Instructor: Course: Date: A Beam is any structural element that can withstand a load majorly through resisting bending. The force of bending is induce into the beam material due to external span, loads, own weight and any other external reactions to the loads is referred to as bending moment.


Beams are often characterized by their profile, material and length. Contemporarily, beams are made of reinforced concrete, steel, cased fluid, wood or composites in a typical construction. Some of the most common beams include wide flange beam and I-beam. These are used commonly in building steel frames and bridges. Other types of beams include pipe, C-channel, angle and hollow structural section1. This paper therefore seeks to discuss the beam theory, its document design, performance and constraints involved. Statement of problem Due to the need of a comprehensive explanation of the physics of beams as well as the intense space charge an explanation of the accelerator systems requiring adequate intensity in which mutual interaction of particles in the beam cannot be neglected, this paper is important as it is aimed to give a discussion of all these elements involved in the beam theory. There is also a need to provide a wider overview of beam dynamics. The paper will put emphasis on the analytical and theoretical methods that describe the transport and acceleration of beams. There is also a need to cover aspects of experimental and numerical methods in order to bring familiarity with the basic methods used to understand the longitudinal and transverse evolution of beams. This may enable an intense foundation in designing a practical architecture. ...
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