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quench and temper

Objective This paper seeks to investigate the effects of quenching and tempering on hardness and impact properties of steel. It experimentally subjects different pieces of steel to different tempering conditions to determine the effects of quenching, and tempering temperature on steel’s impact strength and hardness. Results The following tables summarize the results for the materials’ hardness readings and impact strength. Rockwell hardness readings unmarked 19.4 19.7 19.9 20.4 20.1 19.9 red 30.5 31.1 31.4 31.2 30.4 30.92 blue 48.4 48.3 48.2 48.1 48.2 48.24 yellow 54 54.4 54.7 49.8 54.4 53.46 Material impact strength material impact strength (ft lb) unmarked 14 red 61.5 blue 17.8 yellow 18 Discussion The experiment selected four pieces of steel and designated them as unmarked, red, blue, and yellow. The unmarked piece was left untreated while the red designate was quenched and then tempered for three hours at a temperature of 1000 F. The blue designate was quenched and then tempered for three hours at a temperature of 600 F while the yellow designate was quenched, and tempered for three hours at a temperature of 350 F. The procedure was repeated several times for each condition. The results show different values for every experimental reading on Rockwell’s hardness. ...
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Mechanical Engineering Technology Materials Testing Laboratory Experiment Title: Quench and temper Experiment Number: Section: Name of Principal Author: Names of Contributors: Instructor Name: Quench and temper Abstract This experiment explores the effect of tempering and the tempering temperature on hardness and strength of steel…
Author : bemard
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