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A composite cylinder can bear greater load than a conventional cylinder. This is due to the presence of materials that have greater tensile strength than the majority composing material.


For example, in the case of steel reinforced steel bars, the steel has a greater tensile strength and being stronger can bear larger loads than what concrete could otherwise bear. Moreover, the steel in question tends to deform as much as the concrete which helps it to bear greater loads too. Another reason for composite cylinders being better at load bearing is because the constituent materials are distinct and are trying to move past each other within the overall structure. The presence of friction between the composing materials of a cylinder enable it to take larger loads too because the friction would need to be overtaken if the cylinder were to disintegrate.
Discuss why the knowledge of moment of inertia is important in weight lifting machines.
Weight lifting machines employ masses that are supposed to rotate around standard axis (both horizontal and vertical) as well as masses that are lifted. Determination of the moment of inertia helps to establish how much a human being would have to exert in order to rotate the mass such as at a butterfly machine (rotating weights using your arms). The moment of inertia is required merely for weight lifting machines that employ rotational techniques. If the moment of inertia is not determined in these machines, then there is little chance of developing ergonomically compliant machines.
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