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Practical: Electromagnetic Induction Name: Course: Presened to: Date: In electromagnetic induction, a current carrying wire induced a magnetic field around the wire. Cutting the field using a magnet will result to an induced emf, which is proportional to the rate of change of the magnetic field or speed at which the field is cut.


Moreover, when testing the polarity of a transfomer using a small DC voltage, amplification of the volatge indicated a positve polarity and reduction a negative one. The experiment was thus succesful in testing the two laws above. Practical: Electromagnetic Induction In magentic induction, the induced elctromotive force or emf in a closed circuit would be equivalent to the time rate of the magetive flux passing through the circuit. Electromitive force, emf is the engery gained per unit charge that passes through an elctric conductor such as a generator. Emf in any circuit is measured in Volts, and a source to give the emf is applied to power up the cicuit (Breithaupt, 2000). On the other hand, in magentic induction, magenitic fluix will refer to the amount of magnetism, or the strength of a specific magnetic field. Two laws are important in understanding and explaining electromagentic induction. These are the Faraday’s l;aw and Lenz’s law. Farad’s law states that any charge passing through a magnetic field of a coil of wire will produce avoltage (emf) to be induced in the conductor. A voaltge will always be produced despite the charge of the conductor or the magenitc field. ...
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