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Electromagnetic induction

This paper illustrates that in magnetic induction, the induced elctromotive force or emf in a closed circuit would be equivalent to the time rate of the magnetic flux passing through the circuit. Electromotive force, emf is the energy gained per unit charge that passes through an electric conductor such as a generator. Emf in any circuit is measured in Volts, and a source to give the emf is applied to power up the circuit. On the other hand, in magnetic induction, the magnetic flux will refer to the amount of magnetism or the strength of a specific magnetic field.  Two laws are important in understanding and explaining electromagnetic induction. These are the Faraday’s law and Lenz’s law. Farad’s law states that any charge passing through a magnetic field of a coil of wire will produce a voltage (emf) to be induced in the conductor. A voltage will always be produced despite the charge of the conductor or the magnetic field. The figure below summarizes Farady’a Law by explaining how voltage is generated between a conductor and a magnetic field in what is termed as magnetic induction. On the other hand, Lenz’s law is an important law that explains how magnetic induction occurs, and how flux is generated in a magnetic field. In the definition of Faraday’s law above, any emf generated by a charge in a magnetic flux will have a polarity of the induced emf in a way that produces current, with a magnetic field opposing the charge producing it. ...
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The aim of the research is to investigate the behaviors of coils and magnets in a magnetic field created by the current, testing Faraday’s and Lenz’s laws, and testing the behavior of a transformer that uses the two laws above to produce electric current. 

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