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Lab report Name: Institution: Date: Abstract Voltage regulation is an important aspect in modern day electronics. Time and again, circuit designers find themselves at loss as to which is more appropriate. In this lab, two kinds of regulators are investigated, LM317 regulator and Zener diode regulator.


resistor and a reverse biased Zener diode while in the second procedure continuity test is used on the multi-meter to establish the pins connected together already and the resistances for the resistors are measured. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Background Information 4 Zener diode regulator 4 LM317 Voltage Regulator 5 Lab procedures 6 Zener diode regulator 6 LM713 regulator 7 Lab results 8 Zener Diode regulator 8 LM317 Voltage Regulator 10 Discussion 11 Conclusion 11 References 13 Introduction In the modern world, almost every electronic circuit requires a supply voltage. The voltage should be clean, steady and have a known value. A linear voltage is regulator is often used to create a known voltage using a transistor which operates in the regulator’s forward active regions and Zener diode which operates in the regions of breakdown. A voltage regulator can therefore be defined as a gadget which creates an output voltage which is steady, clean and of known value under varying conditions including load impedances/load currents; varying temperatures and/or non-regulated/fluctuating DC input voltage. ...
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