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a problem in civil engineering

The effects of civil engineering to the environment start from its construction to its use i.e. the use of vehicles on the already built roads. All these have contributed to the environmental pollution. The most areas that civil engineering affects in the environment include the air, water and it defragments the habitats. All these effects are the main contributors of climate change (Moavenzadeh, 1994, p. 29). The main origin of this pollution is the construction sites. This is where all the activities take place. The main products in the construction site are the waste products. Construction is one of the economic activities that use natural resources but it produces wastes to the environment. These wastes are produced in very high quantities that cannot be disposed easily. There accumulation increasing in very short time. These wastes can be in form of gas, sand, stones, ceramic or glass. Other dangerous products include wood treated with metal oxides and the paints. All these wastes are produced in large quantities yet they cannot be recycled. This has given engineers hard times in trying to either to disposes or recycle them. Other products can be recycled but the problem is that they are already contaminated. Civil engineers have been forced to buy some landfills in order to dispose the wastes there. ...
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Effects of civil engineering on the environment Name Tutor Course College Date Task 1 Introduction Civil engineering is well known for its importance in building the best infrastructures in the world. Most of the civil engineers are concern with improving the current infrastructures each and every day…
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