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Bridges are historically known to shape and influence the social and cultural environment and contribute in the advancement of human civilizations, by enabling communication and interaction between the two masses of land separated by water bodies.


With the development of techniques and craftsmanship, these engineering feats began to become more and more sophisticated and complicated, over the years from its humble beginnings of tree barks used for connecting land masses, to more sophisticated suspension, cantilever and arch bridges. These pieces of construction not only add to the visual imagery of a geographical location, but also bear testimony to the imagination, craftsmanship and engineering accomplishment of mankind, as represented by the Sydney Harbour. Introduction: “Of all the inventions, the alphabet and the printing press alone excepted, those inventions which abridge distance have done the most for the civilization of our species” Thomas B. Macaulay, 2010: 290 Bridges have historically, played a key role in the development of human civilizations. This unique piece of construction and sheer engineering marvel has contributed to the development and flourishing of human civilizations, since time immemorial. It is on account of this very reason, that bridges have been featured prominently in the development of some of the most affluent cultures and cities around the globe - including the likes of London on the river Thames, Brooklyn bridge in the city of New York; the various artistic bridges on the Seine river in the city of Paris; Howrah bridge in Kolkata etc., among many others. ...
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