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The Mezquita Mosque By Name: Class: Professor: University: City: State: Due Date: Abstract This is a research on the Mezquita Mosque in Cordoba, which is the third largest mosque ever built and one of the most beautiful. The mosque is unique as it has a Christian cathedral within its walls and its unique and monumental pillars are a source of amazement, especially, considering that it got built in the 7th century.


It is the third largest mosque in the world and also one of the oddest, because it contains a Christian cathedral that was built inside it after the Moors got expelled in 1236. The graceful Moorish architecture combined with the triumphant Baroque cathedral memorializes in stone the conflict between Christianity and Islam that wracked Spain for 700 years. The Mezquita mosque was built in 785 and enlarged four times during the following 200 years; the cathedral was added in the 16th century. (Brockman, 2011, pg. 330) The Mezquita Mosque was founded by Abd ar-Rahman I in 785. Rahman I was the sole survivor of a tribe known as the Umayyards who fled Syria. Before Rahman I, the first Muslims who arrived to Cordoba shared la Mezquita with Christians. Rahman I bought the Christians out and started what would become a seven century dynasty of Muslim rule over Spain. After Rahman I died, he was followed by Abd ar-Rahmann II (822-52), who vastly extended the Mosque in the ninth century and under Abd ar-Rahman III (912-61), Cordoba rose to become the largest and most prosperous city in Europe. ...
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