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Research Paper example - Camp Nou Stadium

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Research Paper
Engineering and Construction
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Name Tutor Course College Date Abstract Camp nou was constructed in 1957. During its construction era, many football stadiums were coming up with better equipments and had extra facilities. After its construction, it became the centre of attraction and the largest football stadium in the world…

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Camp Nou Stadium Camp nou is the largest football stadium in Spain and the second largest football stadium in Europe. It is located in Barcelona and seats 99354 people in a football match but in any match organized by the UEFA the stadium is reduced to 96336 people per stadium. The stadium has hosted many matches and was one of the stadiums that hosted the 1992 summer Olympics that was held in Spain. Construction of this amazing football stadium started on the 28th match of 1954. This was because the previous Barcelona stadium camp de les corts could not be expanded anymore and so the then government decided to build another bigger stadium that could accommodate all the crazy soccer fans who were increasing in number daily and increased revenue to the government. This construction began in front of more than 60000 fans of the Barcelona football club team watching the construction. Before the construction began, Archbishop of Barcelona laid the ground with prayers before the civil governor of Barcelona preceded by laying down the first stone to mark the beginning of the construction. The architectures in the team were Francesca Titans, Lorenzo Garcia and Josep soteras. The construction ended on 24 September 1957 and since then it has been the official Barcelona football club stadium. This means that the construction took more than three years. ...
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