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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Construction Industry Introduction Construction industry is involved in different fields like civil engineering and architecture which consists of the assembling of the Infrastructure and buildings. In order for a project under the construction company to be effective it needs to be well planned on the workforce needed the design to be used and also other factors like the environment among others depending on the particular project (Fenn 15).


The construction industry is among the top ten industries which lead to growth in the economy of the United States. Most of the people get employment in this sector with different specialties leading to the economy’s improvement. The building industry involves four types of construction which are the Residential Building construction, Heavy civil construction, Commercial building construction and Industrial construction. Although it can be seen to have offered the employment opportunities to many it is a dangerous occupational injury rate as seen in 2008 which was thrice that of the workers. Significance of the Construction Industry It provides employment to most of the people as its growth is often projected to increase by more than a million between the year 2002 and 2012 (Fenn 22). This improves the economy of the country as most of the people are trained in the construction industry reducing the unemployment rate in the economy of the United States. The construction Industry is the core of all the construction locally and also internationally. ...
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