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Name Surname Professor Name Subject Date Optical Spinel Ceramics Processing Introduction: Spinel (MgAl2O4) Ceramin refers to a material that is cubic crystalline in nature. It constitutes a distinctive combination of bleakness and exceptional diffusion from the ultraviolet (0.2 µm) to the mid-infrared (5 µm) region.


Alternatively, efforts to “make polycrystalline spinel by traditional hot pressing of powder have led to inhomogeneous material, typified by opaque nontransmitting regions, thereby making it unsuitable for practical applications” (Sanghera et al, 215). The properties of spinel optical ceramics can be described as follows: The composition of the material is MgAl2O4. The typical grain size of the material is bimodal in nature, 25µm average and 150 µm averages. The structure is cubic, spinel. Lattice constant of the material is 8.082A. Density is 3.58 g/cc. It is polycrystalline in form with a melting point of 2135?C. Young’s modulus of the material is 276GPa and the sheer modulus is 18.9?106 psi. The material’s Poisson’s ratio is 0.26, and hardness of the material is 1650 Kg/mm2. Fracture toughness of the material holds a record of 1.5 MPa-m1/2 and the flexure strength is 170MPa. Specific heat of the material is 0.8191 J/g - ?C. The transition limits are 0.25 to 6.5 microns and the thermal conductivity is 25W/m-C @25 ?C (Spinel Optical Ceramic). The present study focuses on learning about the processing of spinel optimal ceramics, including ceramic product processing, their characterization, and applications. ...
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