Managing People in Engineering Assignment example
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Name: Tutor: Date: Section 1 LO1. Explain the processes and procedures involved in people management a. Explain how workforce planning is used to assess staffing requirements. The use of workforce planning in assessing staffing requirements is one of the various functions of this process.


Secondly, workforce planning understands how the mission of the agency changes over time, as well as how these changes affect workplace requirements. Further, it understands the changes in the workforce with regard to demographics, skills, interests as well as performance. Workforce planning also capable of identifying various gaps in capability, as well as understanding the suitability of the current workforce for the purposes of future job needs. In addition, this process develops strategies, for example recruitment, retention as well as training for the purposes of addressing needs of staff, according to the gaps (1). b. Analyze how the general employment environment affects effective workforce recruitment and selection. The general employment environment plays a major role in workforce recruitment and selection. For recruitment and selection processes to be successful the employment environment has to be inclusive, whereby, for example, there is support by staff for processes such as agency workforce diversity initiatives. Environment includes the external environment- this refers to the various factors that affect the ability of a manager to attract, as well as recruit new workforce. Employment environment refers to factors such as the style of management, work-life balance as well as learning and development factors. c. ...
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