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history of oil and gas in China

With a mounting population of more than 1.3 billion people, China depends greatly on other countries for prime resources, for example, oil and gas. In order to enhance its association with other Southeast Asian nations, China always considers diplomatic action over military intervention, especially in regards to disputed territories like the Scarborough Shoal in South China Sea. China is frequently involved in a political clash with Malaysia; perhaps, it is due mainly to the two countries' diplomatic dissimilarities. Nevertheless, China's ties with Malaysia are interdependent in that China relies on the huge oil and gas resources of Malaysia in return of China's defense policy and assurance for Malaysia. At the present, Malaysia is the largest producer of petroleum products in the Southeast Asian region, constituting more than fifty [Student’s Last Name] 2 percent of the oil and gas production in area (Global Security, "South China Sea and Natural Gas"). Ironically with China, while it possesses significant deposits of oil and gas reserves, they do not substantially account to the world’s aggregate oil supply; its natural gas reserves is merely one over twenty of the world’s oil and gas reserves (Li and Du 1). ...
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24 November 2012 The History of Oil and Gas in China Introduction Being a civilization state, China's petroleum industry is convincingly influenced by the increasing population and political system of the country…
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