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Alternative Energy Sources Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Alternative Energy Sources Introduction The world is facing several crises due to lack of sustainable energy sources. Humans are increasingly competing for the existing energy sources, which are limited.


The alternative energy source should enable humans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The energy sources should be capable of meeting the energy needs of the current society without compromising the needs of the future generations. Additionally, the sources should be cheaper than the existing sources to reduce the cost of production that industries have to undergo. This paper focuses on identifying potential alternative energy sources, which can be used to substitute fossil fuels in the future. Currently, there are quite a number of energy sources. However, humans have not maximized their utilization. Fossil fuels are the most exploited sources of energy. However, these energy sources are disadvantageous since they lead to excessive pollution of the environment. Additionally they have other negative impacts such as increasing global warming since they emit greenhouse gases. Moreover, the fossil fuels may become depleted in future since they are being utilized rapidly. Other alternative energy sources that humans should consider exploiting in future include thorium, solar energy, hydropower, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass, and nuclear energy (Ayres & Ayres, 2010). Solar power is derived through transformation of sunlight in electricity. The conversion process makes use of photovoltaic as well as heat engines. ...
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