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Jumana khouri Oct3rd/2012 High Temperature Polymers Abstract: Polymers or most basically known as plastics are found almost anywhere and everywhere. There are plastics used for various applications. This paper discusses the special type of polymers -the high temperature polymers, its definition, properties, design, structure, tests and the various applications in the many industries today.


Introduction: Polymers or most ordinarily known as plastics is used abundantly in a wide range of applications. In fact, they are seen almost anywhere in our daily lives. Polymers are those substances that are composed of individual monomers cross linked with long chains and bonds. They are composed of a long chain of carbon backbone constituted with other elemental contributions such as O,N,S,F, Si and S. Polymers are organic materials. Generally, their basic properties include lightweight, good insulation properties, ductile, low strength, and good noise and vibration dampers. There are plastics used widely in many industries and can even be seen in everyday lives. Majority of the packaging materials seen today uses polymers with varying densities. Polymer molecular structures are large with complex bonds and chains. There are high density polymers and low density polymers. As per molecular structure, these polymers differ in their chain length, chain branching and the inter-chain bonds (Reusch). As a common misconception, polymers are said to be applied in low temperatures as they are known to degrade immediately with the presence of heat and exposure to high temperature. ...
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