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Determination of resistance to fragmentation by the LOS Angeles Test. Name Institution Determination of resistance to fragmentation by the LOS Angeles Test. Aim The aim of this experiment was to find out the aggregate toughness and abrasion characteristics.


The test of reference is done on the fraction size 10/14mm. In order to understand the operation of the Los Angeles test, an experiment was set to determine the resistance to fragmentation. Apparatus The apparatus that would be used in this experiment include: Los Angeles Machine Recycled Concrete Aggregate Scale Tray Sieve Method. A 5kg of Recycled Concrete Aggregate was introduced in the cylinder via a hatch. The thecharge of eleven steel balls, with each ranging between 45mm and 49mm in diameter, while weighing in totallity between 4690g to 4860g was also added. The hatch lid was bolted in place with the cylinder being rotated about 500 revolutions at a given rate of 31 to 33 RPM (Revolution Per Minute). The machine was operated in a soundproofed cabinet. A built-in counter stopped the machine after 500 revolutions. The hatch was opened, and the contents of the cylinder were emptied into trays set underneath the opening. The balls were removed and the aggregate was sieved using a 1.6mm sieve. For the fraction that was retained on the sieve, was weighed. The result, the Los Angeles Coefficient, was calculated using . All the data collected was recorded in table 1. Table 1: Data collected. ...
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