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Engineering and Construction
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Name Tutor Course College Date Engineering has been able to influence our environment in many ways. In most cases, the environment is renovated to our desired design through engineering works. However as we redesign the environment, there are a lot more negative effects that we bring to the environment.


The engineer is required to come up with various solutions to prevent or minimise environmental pollution during the construction. Without this plan, the engineered work will not only lead to the production of quality buildings or structures but will also bring a burden that other organisms have to pay. Respecting the environment is therefore a very important thing for any engineer. They have to understand that every organism, both mobile and immobile have the right to live and at the same time, the environment has to be left in a way that it can be able to provide food for both animals and plants. Without this consideration, global warming would be on the increase and within years, the earth’s population would be no more. Choosing the right building materials for any construction site is vital to environmental protection. In most cases, building materials accounts o more than 70% of all environmental pollution cases. This starts from the exploration of these materials where the earth’s crust is disfigured and the building materials are removed. By doing this, the fertile top soil is sunk deep down while the inner part of the earth’s crust that does not need to be exposed is exposed to the surface. This causes an ecological imbalance a very crucial factor to environmental protection. ...
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