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Name Instructor’s name Course Date Lab report -materials This experiment aims at evaluating the characteristics of different materials. Inherently, the information acquired from the experiment plays a significant role in choosing the most excellent material for a particular application.


Steel is artificially produced and it exists in different forms of iron. Whereas steel has carbon content which is less than that of pig iron, its carbon content is more than that of wrought iron. Moreover, steel has such qualities as elasticity, hardness, as well as strength, which depends on the heat treatment and composition (Makelainen and Hassinen 488). Consequently, it is categorized as either having low, medium or high carbon content. On the other hand, aluminium is a silvery white metallic element that is ductile and has low density as well as high strength to weight ratio and is mainly bauxite. Owing to its good thermal and conductive properties, aluminium is usually used in forming hard light corrosion resistant alloys. Similarly, a polymer is defined as chemical compound that is formed through a process known as polymerization, and it consists of repeating structural units (Cheremisinoff 1). Inherently, polymers are normally characterized by their light weight and their ability to resist corrosion and reaction. Materials and methods The dumbbell specimens were put under tensile forces through a horizontal tensile testing machine. Consequently, the diameter of the specimen was obtained by use of vernier calliper and recorded before the test commenced. Moreover, during the application of the load, two cameras were used in determining the diameter of specimen. ...
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