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Engineering and Construction
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The Engineering Disciplines Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Civil Engineering Civil engineering is the quintessential and oldest engineering profession. Its widespread form is illustrated by the fact that individuals who live in homes, take showers and drive on the roads have had their lives touched by the civil engineering profession.


This indicates the numerous career paths that a civil engineering professional can pursue. All civil engineers must have a bachelor’s degree, while advanced degrees are only essential for individuals who want to enter into academic, research, and managerial positions (Bugliarello, 1994). With the various civil engineering disciplines a civil engineer has a lot of fields to choose from. Civil engineering has progressively been developing and thus moving away from the gold-standard which required the necessity to design so as to function and grown into the need to embrace the ability to design to environmental and cost compatibility. This revolution has occurred due to the presence of web and the computers. With the availability of computers, the manual computations and the slide rule have been done away. Designs are now made with the use of Computer Aided Programmes. Geomatics Engineering Geomatics engineering entails the collection of data in the field so that it can be used in the calculation of mapmaking information which is then used in performing computer-aided drafting and computations. ...
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