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manufactring system/ course work - Coursework Example

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Engineering and Construction
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Rapid prototyping can be used in the design and processing of products leading to the manufacture of new products because it allows the increase of the capability of visualization during the early stages of product design through the use of rapid physical models. Rapid…

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manufactring system/ course work

Rapid prototyping also allows the customization of various products.
When designing a manufacturing system for a new product, a company has to decide between conventional manufacturing techniques with £12k tooling costs and £3 molding cost per part or rapid manufacturing with £400 computing costs and £23 fused deposition modeling cost per part. Make a sketch showing the relationship of these costs, calculate the break even quantity, BEQ, and recommend a production strategy for a quantity of 350.
A flat plate 600mm x 400mm is to be compression molded. If the required molding pressure is 30MN per m2, calculate the press force required. If the press has two rams each of 300mm diameter, calculate the required pressure setting in Bar for the press hydraulic system relief valve.
Identify the five standard flow diagram symbols that can be used in the initial design and analysis of manufacturing systems. Use the symbols to produce a labeled, outline flow process chart for the manufacture of a pencil sharpener having either a plastic or metal body.
With reference to the International Rectifier Ltd MOSFET electronics manufacturing study, make a simple labeled sketch to explain how the three important functions of packaging an electronic component can be achieved. Include notes on three materials and three processes essential to the current global electronics manufacturing industry.
1. The three technologies used in the packaging of electronic components include: Silicon wafer: This involves the testing of pads before they are packaged. The pad is tested and the time it takes to perform determined. Wafers are normally laminated on a tape on the back and then deionization is performed on the silicon wafer.
2. Wire bonding: Either aluminum or copper wires are used in bonding. This depends on the type of application. The wire is passed through an ultrasonic capillary and through a proper combination of temperatures and energy, a wire bond is formed.
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