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HEALTH AND SAFETY IN CONSTRUCTION (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Introduction A construction industry involves many accidents which include falling from buildings being into contact with electrical appliances and other non-fatal injuries like slipping, collapsing material which could lead to death occurrences.


Through this many industries will be able to prevent the occurrences of accidents in the workplace. The industries should also be ready to compensate anyone when he has been in involved in such accidents. This can lead to most people being able to be employed in this sector as most of the people are unemployed and also are not ready to work in construction companies. The health sector should also be checked because when people who are not fling well are not allowed to rest it may lead to accidents not only to him but to others. Some of the machinery used is not updated or old which may lose its efficiency this therefore will lead to occurrences of accidents and so it should b considered as some people lose their lives because of these. There should b a safety plan before the construction starts this includes type of construction, emergency procedures, public safety strategies, the kind of material s needed the location of the place in order for them to acquire the right equipment tools and machinery. (Joyston-Bechal & Grice 2004) Statute law section Key requirements of health and safety law This can be termed as occupational safety and health. This is a disciplinary area which involves the protection of health and safety of the people involved in work. ...
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