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Solar Enegry issues - Essay Example

A distinctive mesophyl cell contains 30 to 40 chloroplasts. In plants, a strike of sunlight excites one electron in the chlorophyll molecule to bump it up into a higher level of energy. Before it drops back to the initial state, life is enhanced between these two processes and the electron is drawn back within its machinery thus utilizing the energy (Maders, 2010). According to Maders (2010), solar cells are simple in that they are made from specific sources that are neither electricity conductors such as copper wire nor insulators such as plastics. When they are exposed to the sun, they absorb photons which are light particles and other types of electromagnetic radiations. These materials are called semi-conductors as they allow electric currents to be produced. Photons contain several energy amounts depending on the varying wavelengths of the solar range. This level of energy determines what happens immediately the photons hit a photovoltaic cell the place where they pass, get absorbed or reflected. Some of the photons absorbed are used to generate heat, others electricity while some do not reach the external circuit. Similarities between Photosynthesis and semiconductors Photosynthesis and semi-conductors are the same in the sense that they aim to trap solar energy. For instance, plants utilize photosynthesis to trap solar energy to manufacture food. ...
The two systems can be placed at right angles to the sun rays. In both process, electrons are lost during the process of light trapping

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in order to make energy. For instance, electrons lost in solar cells are refilled with the completion of the electric circuit. This is comparable to electrons lost during photosynthesis that are refilled by splitting water (Maders, 2010). Differences between Photosynthesis and semiconductors Solar cells harvest light from the sun through photovoltaic panels while plant cells trap light directly from the sun. Photosynthesis stores its energy in chemical bonds of molecular products using this energy to replicate and sustain the plant. On the other hand, photovoltaic operate by photoelectric effect whereby incoming sunlight enters electrons in a semi-conducting object such as silicon into higher levels of energy resulting to the movement of free electrons to pass into an external circuit to generate energy. Another difference lies in the efficiency of trapping light. Plants are less efficient in trapping energy than solar cells because they have a lot of evolutionary baggage. They have to power a living thing while solar cells just have the role of sending electricity down the wire. If photosynthesis makes a mistake, toxic by-products are realized and may kill the plant. Chloroplast cells are small circular discs with close to a diameter of 1/1000 of an inch. Within the chloroplast are smaller discs that have the molecules responsible for trapping solar energy. Solar panels on the other hand are made of solar cells attached in parallel and series to produce electrical energy. The energy conservation law is the first law of thermodynamics. It states that energy cannot be created or
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Solar Energy Name Institution Solar Energy The sun provides an implausible amount of energy, which plants change into chemical energy to manufacture their own food. The sun is therefore, the source of energy to most of the renewable power harnessed on earth…
Solar Enegry issues
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