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Fiber Optics Introduction People hear about fiber optic cables all the time in the present world especially when dealing with internet, cable system, or television set related issues but not everyone knows exactly a great deal about their history, construction, application, types, and integration in the aviation industry.


This essay aims at scrutinizing what authentic technical literature has to say on the issue of integrating fiber optics in the aircraft systems in addition to contemplating the theory of light in relation to optical fibers as a way of illuminating exactly how the idea to transmit light through a thin fiber made of glass or plastic originated. The application of optical fibers in fiber-optic communication will also be discussed to evaluate how they allow transmission over longer distances at higher speeds as compared to other communication media. Theory of light relevant to fiber optics While ray theory best explains the light transmission and guiding properties of optical fibers, mode theory works to explain the behavior of light within a fiber. Ray theory basically serves to describe the direction taken by a plane wave inside a fiber (Einstein College of Engineering n.d.). According to ray theory, there are two types of rays which are carried by an optical fiber namely meridional and skew rays both of which stand in contrast to each other in context of the course they take inside a fiber. While meridional rays pass through the axis of a fiber, the skew rays journey through a fiber without passing through its central axis. ...
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