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Name Institution Lecturer Course Date Fracturing in Petroleum Engineering Fracturing Fracturing is a stimulation process used to maximize oil (and other underground resources, such as geothermal energy and natural gas) production through fracture propagation in rock layers containing oil (Environmental Protection Agency 1).


Therefore, this research paper addresses hydraulic fracturing with respect to fracturing process, mechanics of fracturing, history of fracturing, types of fracturing fluids and additives and the types of fracturing processes. Hydraulic Fracturing Hydraulic fracturing involves the use of fluid, which is pumped at a determined high pressure into a given section of the wellbore, to enhance oil production. The high pressure liquid finds its way into the rock formation containing oil and creates fractures from the wellbore, which extends into the oil containing rock formation (Yew 1). The established fractures provide flow paths of oil into the wellbore, which is then pumped out of the oil well. Figure 1 shows the hydraulic fracturing process. As shown in figure 1, the pressured fluid pumped through the well bore leads to fracture propagation in the fracturing stages of the process. Figure 1: Hydraulic fracturing process (EPA) History and Examples of Fracturing The use of fracturing in petroleum engineering to stimulate oil production started in the 1860s, long after oil production was invented. ...
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