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Technical choice of dam materials and their environmental impacts. Name Institution Abstract. The function of the drilling fluid in as far as drilling of oil is concerned has been explored. Most of the functions suggested by many studies have been revised and found to be true…


The suggested proposal has a rational of examining the potential benefits of using the drilling fluid in the recovery of oil in the homogenous reservoirs. Recognition of the application of drilling fluid in oil exploration may be beneficial to countries to help reduce on the cost of exploration. The researcher would conduct a primary analysis of data. In this respect a two-inch diameter by two-inch long sandstone Berea would be fired at 600 degree Celsius for the duration of sixteen hours. The fired Berea would be made up so as to have a vacuum with crude oil that is asphaltic. The samples of saturated oil would be flashed out using pentane a cell that is referred to as Hassler until the effluent turns clear. After this the pentane would be taken out of the vacuum. In this respect, adsorbed asphaltenes would be left behind. The permeability reduction that is brought about by this reaction could be approximately 11%. In this regard, this would have an implication that the asphaltenes would not have been plugged onto the pores. One merit of using this method in getting surfaces that are oil-wet is that only the items occurring naturally in the reservoirs of oil would be involved. The treated samples of asphaltene would take in the small quantities of water, despite the oil that would have already been absorbed. ...
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