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Essay example - Future: Look at Kier plc strengths and weaknesses for the past year of performance and consider some of the acquisitions and par

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Engineering and Construction
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Kier Group Company. Name: Institution: Date: Kier Group Company Kier Group is a company based in the United Kingdom. It owes it origin from a Kier and Lotz, who set up a small firm in Britain. It went public back in the year 1963. It currently stands as a leading company that specializes in construction works housing, property development and financing of structured property (KIER, 2011.p.1)…

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Kier Group can be said to be involved in chain supply activities that are complete. This has been made possible by the wide network of Kier Group that is, the various branches in more than 50 regional offices as well as strong relationships locally. Market wise Kier Group has been able to achieve success despite the hard economic times. The survival during these hard economic times has been so due to the company’s diverse skills and well integrated models. Also, a rich pool of working staff has also seen to it that the company stays strong and competitive. Kier Group has a performance that would be said to be resilient. This has been sustained by ensuring cost control as well as ample risk management strategies. They also ensure tight cash management that is continual and also maintaining focus and investing in people (JENNINGS 2010, p.78). Other aspects are to have business models that are integrated as well as levering them and finally, pursuing new growth markets as well as possible frameworks, Financially Kier Group has been fairing on well. There was a marked increase of 4 percent that is to say 80 million dollars. Kier Group acquired Beco, a small company but quite significant. Beco was purchased at 2.4 million dollars. ...
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