Mechanical testing of metals and polymers - Assignment Example

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Mechanical testing of metals and polymers

L/Lo where Lo is the initial gage length and ?L is the change in the gage length (L-Lo). Procedure: Hydraulic testing machine, steel, mm/min, force and strain. Results Nr Rm N 0.2% ?break (%) E N/mm3 G Nmm2 1 8303.90 0.1 1903 64.77 24.91 2 13853.22 0.4 1903 141.15 54.29 3 17948.63 0.8 1903 208.40 80.15 4 11098.39 1.15 901 410.65 157.94 Procedure: Hydraulic testing machine, carbon steel, mm/min, stress and strain. Nr Rm 0.2% ?break (%) E N/mm3 G( N/mm2) dL (mm) 1 153 0.1 1.37 100 38.46 2 2 170 0.2 -2.41 -50 -19.23 -4 3 217 0.4 1.91 50 19.23 4 4 251 0.85 1.57 50 19.23 4 Procedure: electromechanical machine, acetal, mm/min, stress and strain. Nr Rm (kJ/m2) 0.2% ?break (%) E G (N/mm2) 1 14.43 0.2 9.39 10.71 4.28 2 11.96 0.2 7.65 13.16 5.20 3 10.63 0.2 6.93 14.42 5.77 4 10.11 0.2 6.67 15.00 6.00 5 12.60 0.2 8.27 12.10 4.84 6 15.94 0.2 10.40 9.62 3.85 Procedure: electromechanical machine, HDPE, mm/min, stress and strain. Nr Rm (kJ/m2) 0.2% ?break (%) E G (N/mm2) 1 53.16 0.2 33.79 2.90 1.16 2 55.55 0.2 36.72 2.73 1.09 3 43.34 0.2 28.49 3.50 1.40 4 45.05 0.2 29.29 3.41 1.36 5 51.60 0.2 32.86 3.05 1.22 6 25.93 0.2 16.64 6.00 2.4 Procedure: electromechanical machine, NYLON 66, mm/min, stress and strain. ...Show more


Name Institution Date Tensile testing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals Introduction Using a hydraulic testing machine provided, adjust the orifice of a pressure-compensated needle valve to control the rate loading. For precise control (in a closed-loop hydraulic servo system), replace the needle valve with an electronically operated servo valve…
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Mechanical testing of metals and polymers essay example
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