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Analogue Sound System Circuit description Name Institution Analogue Sound System Circuit Description There has been the need to make improvements regarding sound systems such as in terms of efficiency and power gains. The solution is to come up with analogue sound system.


The resultant signal is channelled into the powered amplifier. The role of the power amplifier is to drive the loudspeaker. The circuit is designed such that the mixer contains a gain that can be varied, depending on the desirability of the required volumes. In addition, there should be the allowance for the volume of one channel to be controlled separately from another. This enhances the quality of sound as this enables one to have balance between the two channels. In this regard, the presented diagram consists of a set of two inputs; the speech and music. In this case, the speech voltage controls the music voltage. The operation of the circuit project only requires that the two signals are combined while the current should be adjusted to be adequate to make the speakers work effectively. It is expectable that in the cases where speech signal is lacking, the music voltage from the difference amplifier is about 1V. In the cases where the speech signal is peak, the voltage is expected to be at the minimum level, at around 0.17V. In this regard, mixing the speech and music amplifier creates the allowance to have the music volume by varying the voltage of the speech signal. Even so, the mixer’s output does not have the power capacity of driving the speakers. ...
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