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MEDINA HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBRIDGE DESIGN Name Class: Lecturer: Institution: Address: Date: Abstract This presentation constitutes a report of a proposed bridge in the Medina high school area. The bridge is meant to serve the high school students. The design is meant to keep the students safe from the hazardous transportation involvements in the region.


The design of the bridge has to consider various elements such as the weight of the materials, foundation as well as the hydrology of the area. In the design, safety of the student is given the highest priority, but the structural competency is a necessity. This report encompasses the decision of the design, the materials used as well as the specifications for the design. The design that is to be chosen has to be ergonomic, economically viable and purposeful to the users. The nature of the design has to incorporate the readily available skill, material as well as funds, while ensuring the safety of the users and constructors. The design process has to ensure that the final design shall support the weight of the users, consist of measures against failures in overturning and sliding and also have features that can be repaired when need be. This report shall analyze possible designs and the incorporation of designs to carter for the needs of the community it is to be designed. Introduction Bridges are structures that are constructed to ease connectivity over a given area, while providing safe passage for the community in that particular region. ...
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