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Professional Development (Name) (Institution Affiliate) (Subject) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction Engineering profession involves interacting with people from different background such as fellow workers, clients and legal agents (Baillie and Moore, 2004, p.178).


In addition, they should be able to set their objectives and strategies to achieve their targets. Therefore, students who are undertaking engineering courses should learn these skills during and after studies to perfect their careers (Blandford, 2012, p.47). Communication barrier and inability to plan their work and interact with others may paralyze the achievement in their targets. Communication Engineers interact with different people during their ordinary activities (Ritchie, 2007, 164). Therefore, they should possess different skills for sharing knowledge with their colleagues and clients in order to increase their work efficiency (Kalman, 2008, p. 156). I have interacted with my fellow students as their group leader during various discussions. I also chair various meetings with fellow engineers at different levels. In addition, I compile technical reports regarding various issues we discuss in our group meetings. This has equipped me with relevant skills for gathering information and giving immediate response questions posed by group members. My weakness is in presenting those reports to my colleagues. I aspire to learn various techniques of addressing meetings using different presentation skills. ...
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