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Engineering and Construction
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Engineering and Construction Name: Institution: Engineering and Construction Part One A summary of Who Invented My House This is a short history by Ted Cavanagh about house construction in America (Invention & Technology, 1999). He is trying to explain the way the construction of houses has changed within generations.


Traditional methods and materials have been replaced by modern means of nail connections and light wood frames. He further sees today’s carpenters as finishers of houses, rather than builders of houses. He begins by telling the readers about Henry Mitchell, his neighbor who has lived in the same house for 85 years. Henry Mitchell watches the writer renovate his house often. Each renovation watched by his neighbor reminds the writer of the original builder of his house one and a half centuries ago (Invention & Technology, 1999). The writer notes that before the 19th century, frame houses were built using large timbers. The constructors believed that sawing was a waste of materials and labor, so, through experienced workers, they only squared off logs to facilitate connection. This gave rise to the balloon frame. They introduced nails and lumber in mass production, giving further advantage to the balloon frame. The results were savings in man hours, less requirements in skills and a complete change in ways of building. The writer also notes that balloon frames are structurally and materially more efficient. Since no joint is of more significance than another, then the connection between each wood is efficient. This exemplifies modification of building practices progressively. ...
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