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Engineering and Construction
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Professional development Introduction Professional engineering is not just like any other job, it is both a mindset and a way of life. Engineers are known to apply their experience and judgement in solving problems when the limits of mathematics or scientific knowledge are evident.


The paper will also describe the advantages and disadvantages of adopting a licensing system for professional engineers similar to that for medical practitioners and teachers in the UK, and as applies to engineers in other countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and some European states. Finally, the paper will explain the role of the codes and rules of conduct of engineering institutions in the UK and their effectiveness in ensuring professional standards of work. Distinctions of a professional engineer in the UK Professional engineers are distinct from any other sort of engineers in the UK. Engineering in the UK is a well respected profession internationally. In order to be recognized as a professional engineer or an engineering technician in the UK, an independent assessment of engineering competence is carried out on all levels of the engineering profession and is compared to the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC), which offers the means of achieving a successful assessment. Even for professionals whose status is secure, the process of registration provides a way of demonstrating recognition by their peers and support to others. ...
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