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SEISMIC MITIGATION: POST-DISASTER RECOVERY AND RECONSTRUCTION By Student’s Name Student’s ID Number Module Title and Number Name of Professor/ Tutor Date of Submission SEISMIC MITIGATION: POST-DISASTER RECOVERY AND RECONSTRUCTION Introduction Annually, several parts of the world are inflicted with natural disasters of one type or the other.


Recovery is sometimes defined as a return to pre-disaster conditions; or the term may refer to a community resembling its own characteristics in the absence of the disaster occurrence, in terms of population size or economic output. Another definition of ‘recovery’ “recognises that after a disaster, a community often undergoes significant change, so that it may never return to either the pre-disaster or without-disaster states” (Olshansky and Chang, 2009, p.201). This approach defnes ‘recovery’ as the post-disaster attainment of a stable state or condition. Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to investigate seismic mitigation, post-disaster recovery, and reconstruction in regions devastated by earthquakes. Reconstruction and Recovery after Earthquakes The ‘Disaster Life Cycle’ model refers to the five time periods that comprise the life cycle of a disaster. These include the “pre-impact period, the impact period, the immediate post-impact period, the short-term recovery period, and the long-range recovery period” (Fischer, 1998, p.7). ...
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