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Name Professor’ Name Course Date Microsoft Corporation my Dream Employer I dream of working at a place where I am respected and have opportunities for growth, my employer would recognize my uniqueness and allow me opportunities to nurture my talents and use them as I see fit.


There are a few companies in the world that offer a good working environment or autonomy and opportunities as Microsoft Corporation; apart from an attractive pay package they also offer an incredible array of perks to their staff such as free and complete medical cover and gym membership. This essay will discuss reasons as to why working for Microsoft Corporation would be a dream comes true for me. Founded in 1975, Microsoft is today one of the IT giants in the world producing a huge percentage of the software that is used by millions worldwide especially the windows operating system and gaming devices such as XBOX (Schneider). Microsoft gives its employees considerable personal autonomy, in both matters of work and the working environment, thus employees will order their own supplies, customize their office and workspace as they see fit and schedule trips and meetings. Even when upper management or other groups make decisions for someone, they still have to take into consideration; ones interests, skills and abilities. While working for Microsoft, I would have the option of showing up to work when I want, and I could hire a decorator to do my office in my style of choice. ...
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