Engineering and Construction
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ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW COMMERCIAL BUILDING Name: Institution: A developer is going to establish a new proposed commercial building in Kwun Tong. The features of the building are described below:- Number of storey: 35 floors G/F to 3/F: Shopping Arcades, including some fast food shops 4/F: An electronic company including a workshop for maintenance section.


Give different options. Evaluate their merits. The building in question is very tall and expansive. It shall in turn attract numerous clients. In this regard, the client and building requirements shall be effective air conditioning systems; properly installed boilers; backup power generation system; efficient and effective elevators and good refrigeration systems. The risks involved in terms of death and injuries inflicted as a result of fire breakout are huge. The project requires smoke detectors, an alarm system, a surveillance system, fire extinguishers and a medical response team. The company can choose to use the old technology that is readily available and is relatively cheap. This shall save on the costs. On the other hand, the company can also choose to employ the modern technology that is more advanced and sophisticated. This is very fast and effective for the huge building and numerous clients in question. 1.2) Evaluate alternative strategies for the provision of piped distribution services and fire protection and fire fighting services systems. Advise which system you consider the most suitable to the building. ...
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