home automation lightning systems for a handicapped house

home automation lightning systems for a handicapped house Essay example
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Literature review Home automation lighting systems for a handicapped house The implementation of home automation becoming very common in many homes, especially for the handicapped and the elderly with the aim of maintaining their safety and independence. The homes fitted with smart facilities allows the handicapped to comfortably stay in their homes rather than to expensive health care facilities.


Most importantly, smart homes offer the handicapped the opportunity to enjoy their independence, which boosts their determination and confidence. Automated homes offer the handicapped a variety of types of emergency services including automated timers, alerts, lighting systems, security features and fall prevention. House automation ensures that the disabled can feel secure while in their houses and also control their home’s lighting system from anywhere with the help of an internet connection. A home automation lighting system is a centralized control of lighting system, which provides comfort and convenience and hence increasing the quality of life for the handicapped persons. Recently, home automation lighting has gained popularity due to higher affordability and simplicity of tablet and smart phone connectivity. Also, the increased use of the internet to perform a variety of automation tasks has popularized home automation lighting system. A home automation lighting system incorporates electrical gadgets in a house with each other. ...
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