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Running Head: NEC3 and JCT2011 NEC3 and JCT2011: A Comparative Analysis Student Name University Name Subject Name Instructor Name Date of Submission NEC3 and JCT: A Comparative Analysis Task 1 The Client has had minimal prior knowledge about the New Engineering and Construction Contract 3rd edition (NEC3) but has never used any of the NEC3 contracts for any of their projects.


As a contract administrator you have been tasked to produce a report explaining how the NEC3 Contract works and how it differs from the JCT2011 Contracts highlighting the possible implications for administering a project with the NEC3. Introduction New Engineering Contracts 3rd Edition or NEC3 is a modernistic family of contracts of contracts. It helps in implementing construction project management and supervisory principles. NEC3 synchronises the different business and engineering practices and also renders definitions for the different legal relationships and liabilities. Hence, adoption of NEC3 family of contracts culminates at an altogether cultural transformation of a construction company and its different construction project sites and subsidiaries. According to New Engineering Contract (2005), the principal feature of this cultural transformation is the complete abandonment of a hindsight dependent reactive management paradigm. NEC3 helps the construction company and its various contractors to embark on a foresight based proactive management mechanism with clearly defined contracting rules and regulations that are fair towards both the employers and the contracting agencies. ...
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