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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Significance of Engineering Drawings Introduction The term engineering drawing is used to refer to the language used by engineers to communicate with each other and to communicate with various stakeholders of the field of engineering.


Drawing is considered as a vital part of the entire engineering assignment and is a major portion of the designing region of the field of engineering. There are several fields of engineering, including: mechanical, technical and civil engineering and all fields have placed certain amount of importance on the activity of engineering drawing. Engineering drawing has two meanings, firstly it is the act of drawing itself and secondly it is the output of drawing or a piece of art that is visible to others. Engineering drawing is considered as a language and this language even comprises of grammatical rules such as the grammatical rules invested in English language (Ve?n?ugo?pa?l V). There is a huge difference between both engineering drawing and artistic drawing although certain amount of people may use both the terms interchangeably. All engineers need to learn the proper way of conducting the act of engineering drawing as it can have devastating effects as any language if not used in the proper manner can have devastating impacts. Body Those who are not related to the field of engineering may regard both engineering as well as artistic drawing as simply drawing; both engineers and artists may share similar traits as both are involved in the process of drawing images. ...
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