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Name Institution Date Introduction. Specific gravity can be regarded as the ratio between the mass of volume of a given soil particle to the mass of a similar distilled water volume for a temperature. This can be represented mathematically, using equation1.


More often than not, when dealing with mechanics of soil, twenty degrees Celsius serves as the best reference temperature and it is commonly referred to as the application temperature. For reference purpose, there are some alterations that are done on the density, as well as mass of water is by 0.2% within the range of 4 and 20 degrees Celsius (Mitchell 6). Arguably, this is equal the precision test method. This way, the particle variation of the mass density over an equal range of temperature becomes insignificant. This clearly implies that Gs is utilized given that it is twenty degrees Celsius referenced. As often is the case, specific gravity is needed in the calculation of the phase relationships in many tests of engineering in the mechanics of soil. Procedure. With a view to realize the objective of this experiment, a credible procedure had to be followed strictly. In this case, approximately, 30 grams to 40 grams of dry soil was used in the experiment while ensuring that the collected sand was a dry mass of coarse and gravel sands. This way the coarse grained matter was dried on the oven before the experiment with the purpose of drying the being to accelerate the experiment and turn it practical for the experiment and instruction in class. ...
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