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The value of Gs is a numerical value with no units and does not depend on which system of units is used since it is a ratio. The specific gravity of liquid is a significant parameter in industrial processes, and it is a factor in most equations that involve weight-volume relationships. For instance if during an industrial process sugar syrup or salt solution is needed, it can be easily determined if the solution has the correct concentration by measuring its specific gravity at a particular temperature. The specific gravity for liquids can be written as: Gs = density of the density (g/cm3)/ density of water (g/cm3) Theory: Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of a fluid to the density of water at a constant temperature. Specific gravity can be calculated directly from the measured density of a liquid divided by the density of distilled water. A suitable alternative method is use a hydrometer. This is a specially calibrated instrument made of a hollow glass float designed to float vertically in liquids of different densities. The depth to which the hydrometer sinks in the liquid represents the density of the liquid. The instrument has a calibrated scale on its stem which is used to read specific gravity. ...
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Name Tutor Institution Subject code Specific gravity Abstract The specific gravity of two liquid samples was measured using a hydrometer. The specific gravity measured was accounted in the buoyancy of each liquid relative to water. Specific gravity was calculated by dividing the density of each liquid sample by the density of the standard substance, distilled water in this case…
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