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Engineering and Construction
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Comparing and Contrasting Two Relevant Professions Name Roll No Subject Comparing and Contrasting Two Relevant Professions Abstract Engineering is directly involved in large number of professions. In professions where it’s not directly involved, it affects them in one way or the other.


However, the knowledge and skills have to be taught to an engineer. This is done through teaching. It is important to mention that teaching the knowledge and skills of engineering requires building upon the foundation that is conceived in elementary schools. Thus for a good engineer it is important to have a strong foundation in basics of scientific knowledge and skills. The lines below take a look at how a specialized field of engineering, automotive interior engineering, effects elementary school teaching. A comparison of elementary teacher and automotive interior engineer An elementary school teacher needs to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. She/he also requires a certification or license from the state. An elementary school teacher is responsible for preparing children for future schooling (U.S. Bureau of Labor). An elementary school teacher’s daily duties include lesson planning and teaching basic science and math as well as skills such as social skills. In addition to this, the teacher is also responsible for making students understand basic science concepts, solve scientific and math problems as well as help them think critically. ...
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