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BIM and Construction Cost Management Name: Institution: BIM and Construction Cost Management BIM stands for Building information modeling. BIM is defined as a process through which civil engineers and project managers create and analyze digital representations of various features contained in a physical structure they intend to construct.


The models created through BIM can be accessed by all concerned sides in the construction process for any adjustments or decision making in regard to how the construction work is to continue, how the building or facility will be used and if need be how demolition for the same will be done. It goes beyond the 2 dimensional representations of buildings on paper as plans, sections and elevations; and gives information about a building in three dimensions in addition to other details like light analysis, building components and their properties, quantities of building including excavation and spatial relationships (Kymmell, 2008). In order for information developed through this process to be useful, a BIM manager is contracted to advice contractors at every critical stage of a building life cycle. The roles of the BIM manager majorly revolve around collecting information on the whole process of construction and determine whether the work was accurately predicted in the BIM and points out what was not accurately presented in the models created. ...
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