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Without the invention of figures and measuring standards, it would be extremely difficult for industries to perform the tasks accurately and efficiently (Ambrose & Harris 45). One of the industries that measurement plays a large role in is Engineering and Construction and without this practice it would be extremely difficult for those working in this industry to perform their duties. Types of Measurement categories As mentioned earlier, there are different types of measurements that can be found with regard to what in particular an individual is trying to measure (Baines & Haslam 59). These measurements can either be used on their own or jointly depending on the task that the individual measuring wants to perform. The categories that are used for measurement of specific areas can be referred to as Units (Ambrose & Harris 36). Some of the aspects of objects that may require measuring include areas such as: Mass – This has to do with the weight of an object and is one of the most common aspects of measurement as it used in almost every single activity including the weighing of oneself in a bid to keep an eye on their body weight (Emerson 23). This is popularly referred to as body mass index. Length – This is in regard to how long an object is. ...
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Instructor Date Measurement Measurement can be described as the act of assigning a particular range of numbers to an object or even an event in order to define certain aspects of the object/event (NIST). It is used to define certain natures of objects such as length, weight and volume and can deal with issues such as time when dealing with events as well…
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