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This plot is known as the grain distribution plot and will be used for purposes of this report. More often, a relatively distributed curve shows well graded or a soil which is poorly sorted whilst an extremely steep distribution curve, a curve with steep distribution shows poor grade or sufficiently sorted soil. Objectives of the experiment This lab was developed to determine the distribution of grain size for Concrete & Asphalt materials. This is achieved by determination of the coefficient of uniformity,, as well as the coefficient of curvature, . These describe general slope and shape of the curve respectively for the grain distribution curve. Consequently, how good or poorly sorted a given soil sample is can be obtained using and. The equations are as shown below; , showing the coefficient of Uniformity; and , which shows the coefficient of Curvature As per the equation D10 represents the size of the grain size where 10% of soil sample passes, as shown in the grain size distribution curve. D­30 and D60 correspond to size of the grain size whereby 30% and 60% by weight of sample of the soil passes through. D10 also refers to effective size. Grain size as well as distribution is vital given that it directly affects stability of slope as well as the soils drainage abilities. ...
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Sieve analysis Name: Institution: Date: Introduction Sieve analysis is a process applied on coarse grained soil in order to establish the distribution of the size of the grain. As the sample of soil under investigation goes progressively via the consecutively smaller sieves, the weight percentage of the sample collected in each of the sieves is calculated…
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